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Operators of outdoor adventure facilities have a duty of care and legal obligation to ensure that their structures, whether a climbing wall, ropes course, Zipline or other adventure activity are safe to use. Legislation requires a recordable inspection regime to ensure compliance with current health and safety standards. Operators should carry out their own daily, weekly and monthly checks, however an in-depth annual inspection requires an understanding of the manufacture and installation of an adventure structure.

Hangfast’s technicians will check the condition and integrity of all structural components, the condition and security of all surfaces, the condition and security of all anchor systems, climbing holds and fixings and the structures compliance with all applicable EN regulations.

The format of our inspections includes both physical and visual inspections of the following:

  • Primary framework
  • Secondary framework
  • Intermediate safety anchors
  • Belay lower off anchors
  • Bolt on holds and placements
  • Ground anchors if applicable
  • Safety matting and surfaces
  • Safety equipment and devices

Following completion, the customer will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing all findings and highlighting any recommendations for further action. If all relevant standards are met, and it is safe to use, Hangfast will issue a dated certificate for the site to continue operating.

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