Attractions and Theme Parks

Our ability of working at height through rope access techniques allows our technicians to inspect hard to reach areas, and ones not noticeably visible. Regular inspections ensure that rides and attractions remain safe and meet the required standards.

Amusement and theme parks offer one of the safest forms of entertainment for the millions of people who use their rides and devices each year. That said, these parks only keep their safety records by having regular inspections and maintenance carried out to ensure that the structure and activity is safe, and parts haven’t come loose or faulty.

Some attractions Hangfast can inspect include:

  • Farm parks
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Escape rooms
  • Temporary structures

All inspections are provided with an in-depth report of findings and recommendations for any faults and maintenance concerns. Hangfast will advise on whether or not the attraction is safe for continued use, or if work needs to be completed beforehand to make the attraction safe for the users.

Records of inspections should be kept to demonstrate you are complying with legislation, and providing a safe environment for your customers.

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