PPE Inspections

PPE is equipment that protects its user against safety risks at work and during an activity. The lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998 state that you are required by law to conduct through examinations at least every 6 months off all PPE equipment. This has to be completed by a competent person, and the information recorded in a suitable format.

Keeping up to date with you PPE inspections is crucial when it comes to ensuring equipment is safe to use for both your workers and customers. It is vital that companies involved in working at height, and adventure pursuits have their PPE inspections completed routinely.

PPE equipment can become damaged through general wear and tear, misuse, or exposure to dirt and chemicals.

We recommend you should always carry out:

  • Pre use checks
  • Interim inspections at 3 monthly intervals
  • Detailed inspections every 6 months

Hangfast can train your operators on how to conduct pre use checks and the failure criteria of PPE equipment so that it can be safely removed from use.

Hangfast are happy to dispose of faulty or damaged equipment after an inspection. 

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