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Rope access isn’t only used for construction and maintenance purposes. Hangfast have been involved in some exciting projects surrounding film and TV productions. We can assist with filming the impossible to get the perfect angles and shots for your project. From hanging off the edge of cliffs, to filming inside a cave, nothing is too much of a challenge for our technicians.

Safety is our main priority throughout any project, and we follow strict safety precautions to ensure everyone is operating in a safe environment. We are always on hand to preform rescue procedures and respond with urgent emergency care when required.

Hangfast can offer support with the following:

  • Installation of fall protection systems
  • Safety nets
  • Getting heavy camera equipment into positioning
  • Rigging of equipment
  • Advice during planning stages
  • Site surveys and risk assessments
  • Rescues

The use of rope access is about achieving the artistic and pragmatic needs of the production, whilst ensuring that work is completed in both a reliable and lawfully compliant way.

We are able to take the stress away from these scenes so you can focus on the many other areas of production whilst knowing your team are in safe hands with our experienced and trained technicians. This can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and provide peace of mind while completing these challenging scenes.

In this industry, it truly is anything goes.

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