Children should be able to play in safety, which is why inspections are paramount in ensuring the safety of the users. Our inspections of children’s playgrounds embark on a thorough analysis of any lose components, sharp edges, and structural weaknesses. Many children’s play areas have wooden components which over time are exposed to weathering causing rotting and water damage. This can make the structure brittle and unsafe for the user. Playgrounds are also exposed to heavy use and sometimes vandalism.


A written report will be provided with risk calculations for each item inspected. Our inspections also include the safety surfaces and any equipment, with recommendations for actions considered necessary to meet the safety requirements.

Hangfast can also quote for, and complete any corrective work required to ensure the playground is safe and meets the required EN standards: EN 1176


We are also happy to inspect playground equipment after initial installation to ensure that it has all been installed correctly and meets these required standards.

Although there is no legal requirement for the inspection to be carried out, it does demonstrate good practice in the event of an accident occurring, and an investigation been conducted, especially important in schools and local authority environments.

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